ALUJET Floorjet Reflex

ALUJET Floorjet Reflex

The ALUJET Floorjet Reflex is a heat-reflecting, bitumen-resistant sealing membrane for sealing floor plates in contact with earth against soil moisture.

The ALUJET Floorjet Reflex meets the requirements of DIN EN 13969:2004+A1:2006. The membrane is used as a heat-reflecting, cold-seal self-adhesive sealing membrane for sealing floor plates of buildings against rising moisture (load case in accordance with DIN 18195-4 and W1.1-E and W1.2-E in accordance with DIN 18533-1), for sealing screed constructions. Usability is verified by compliance with the requirements set down in DIN EN 13969 and due consideration of the type of building with a general appraisal certificate(allgemeines bauaufsichltiches Prüfzeugnis) (abP no. P-5113/794/11-MPA-BS).

Application area

On the basis of the assessment of the properties determined in accordance with Section 2.1 of the General Building Inspectorate Test Certificate No. P-5113/794/11-MPA-BS and the application-specific boundary conditions, the ALUJET Floorjet Reflex waterproofing membrane can be used as a sheet according to DIN V 20000-202 Table 1, line 4 (application type BA) for building waterproofing of floor slabs against rising damp or building moisture according to DIN 18195 Part 4 as well as W1.1-E and W1.2-E according to DIN 18533-1. The following specifications of the processing apply. The ALUJET Floorjet Reflex can also be used as a waterproofing membrane for the waterproofing of floor slabs on mezzanine ceilings. The building physics conditions as well as on-site specifications are to be considered here.

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